Department of Planning and Information

The Department of Planning and Information is responsible for coordinating the development of policies and legislation in order to provide a framework for the implementation of programmes and projects. The Department also monitors and evaluate Ministry’s programmes and projects as well as activities being implemented by statutory bodies under the Ministry.

The broad functions of the Department of Planning and Research are:

  • Undertake strategic planning and resource mobilization;
  • To Monitor, Evaluate and assess the performance of the water sector in relation to set objectives;
  • To facilitate liaison with cooperating partners, regional organizations, line ministries and other departments on water  development programs;
  • Coordinate the review of policy, policy formulation and annual budget preparation and budget performance analysis reports in consultation with all departments and grant-aided institutions;
  • Develop and maintain an integrated information management system for the water sector;
  • Coordinate all Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) activities in the Ministry including technical support of office equipment;
  • Mainstream cross-cutting issues such gender mainstreaming, HIV/AIDS, environment and Climate Change into Ministerial Programs;